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Intriguing Accent Furniture and Accessories to Brighten YOUR Decor!

So your room should be complete, with all your basic furniture, but you need home accents to add balance to your walls’ look and just to make your space really a home. Maybe you’re just starting out making your memories. That’s where Discount Rugs & Furniture House of Home Decor comes in. We live up to our name by offering you a wide variety of styles from classic colonial to industrial cool to farm shabby chic! At last you don’t have to settle for a humdrum home anymore because the price was too prohibitive. Knock yourself out in our showrooms, unleashing your inner style maven to craft the look you’ve always dreamed of! Strategically placed accent furniture is more than beautiful. For everything from breaking up a too-large room into separate functions to enhanced privacy, it’s also eminently practical. Best of all, you can enjoy this accent furniture bonanza at Discount Rugs & Furniture for closeout prices EVERY day!

Rotate Your Display on a Handsome Accent Cabinet from Us

If on the other hand you have MANY years of mementos, a well-designed accent cabinet in your living room or foyer offers you an ideal decor solution for them. Just rotate your keepsake displays by theme or season, such as Christmas, summer vacation, or autumn leaves and their brilliant warm colors. Keep your seasonal or theme display atop the cabinet while handily storing the rest below! One of our personal favorite accent cabinets takes its design cues from cocktail midcentury coolness, with a fascinating mosaic pattern on the sliding doors and its short tapered legs at a dramatic space-age angle. Made of solid and engineered woods, this accent console will bring your home a lifetime of good looks and excellent service.

Practical and Beautiful Accent Partitions

Instantly transform a big boring room into smaller interesting ones with perennially popular accent partitions from Discount Rugs & Furniture. We carry every style from basic Asian classics with white translucent paper on an unvarnished wood frame to metal accent screens in the manner of art deco or other favorite modern Western styles.

We more than live up to our store’s name by presenting you with awesome home accent decor ALWAYS for less! Find out what you’ve been missing. Stop by our Matteson or Oak Lawn furniture store soon!